HS parts primed and ready for rivets

Hours Worked = 2.25

I was able to test out a new sprayer I bought for priming tonight… while priming. It’s a “Critter” and it works on the same venturi principle as the small airbrush that I have been using, except it’s bigger.


Instead of a little 2oz plastic cup (with all harbor freight plastic parts) it uses a mason jar. The tip and pick up tube are also both metal. It really makes the priming go faster, but it also has a lot more over-spray and leaves a little rougher finish to the primer. I’ll have to play with it more to try to get it dialed in.

With the parts all primed and ready to go, I should be able to start riveting tomorrow. I think this is going to be the first part where I will need someone to help me with the riveting. I believe that the skins are too big for one person to hold both the bucking bar and the rivet gun, so either Colleen or my dad will be getting a rivet gun training session!

P1010510.JPG P1010511.JPG

Tomorrow is also the spring meeting of the Twin Cities RV Builders Group in St. Paul. I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of other builders. I’m also hoping to meet one of the EAA Tech¬†Councilors that are in the club and see if I can’t get them to visit. An experienced set of eyes is always a good thing!

And again, I’m not capturing any of the priming in time-lapse. Just not a good way of doing it.


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