Starting to rivet up the horizontal stabilizer

Hours Worked = 2

Lot of running around today, but I was able to get a few hours in and begin the riveting on the HS. You begin by riveting together the stringers, two center ribs, and the webbing. Once that’s together, you rivet that assembly to the front spar. After that, you just start adding in ribs.

P1010514.JPG P1010515.JPG

Next you bust out the plywood cradles and get the skins set up. The nose ribs are then cleco’d into the skins and riveted in place. We’re just getting ready to head over to the Martin compound for drinks and a bonfire, so I only had time to rivet the end two ribs on each skin. I think I’m going to need help for the inside two ribs.

P1010512.JPG P1010513.JPG

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