HS Spar Riveting

Hours Worked = 4.5

I had planned to spend a lot of time in the garage working on the plane this weekend, but the world had a different plan. Between work and family, I was only able to squeeze a few hours in here and there.

P1010446.JPG P1010447.JPG

But in that time, I was able to prep, prime, and rivet together the horizontal stabilizer spars. The riveting was pretty straight forward, but the is definitely a beefy part!

P1010448.JPG P1010449.JPG

With all those rivets, I was very glad to have a pneumatic rivet squeezer! Just drop in half a dozen rivets or so at a time, and just go down the line… perfect every time!

There are a lot of cuts in the video due to interruptions, and I again skipped recording the actual priming. But here you go:

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  • March 12, 2012 at 11:52 AM

    DID YOU SEE THE LIGHTS GO OUT AT 1:03??? Happy Birthday Rocky!!

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