Hours Worked = 1

After a fierce 2 day battle with the flu, I was able to get into the garage and see what the FedEx man had brought me.

P1010288.JPG P1010289.JPG

Sawyer sees this as potentially cutting into play time.

I have to give it to the shipping department at Vans. They really pack a LOT of stuff into a small space! Colleen was kind enough to help me inventory the contents of the crate and we spent a good hour just inventorying and putting away the sheet metal parts. There are still many many paper bags filled with lots of tiny little parts that need to be gone through.

P1010293.JPG P1010292.JPG P1010291.JPG

I also realized that I needed a longer shelf storage area for the skins. For now, they are just stacked precariously on top of a shelf, but I have plans to build something a little better that’s out of the way.

Here is the night’s work compressed into 50 seconds (Click below to play):

You can see the stack of sheet metal. Gotta fix that!

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