DIY Garden sign with Tile

Quickie post on SUCH a super cool gift idea from my BFF, Alicia,  and her Wilmington, IL Garden Club friends – I had to share!

How awesome is that?  Now whenever I’m working in the garden I’ll always remember…

So here’s the skinny – the Wilmington IL Garden club makes these to order.  They take normal tile and add the letters to the front.  Then they superglue a glass bottle to the back which holds the rod to stick in the ground.


Then they spray it with this outdoor urethane protectant.  Just two things to remember 1) take the sign indoors over the winter and 2) re-spray with urethane each year to make sure the letters stay on.

Love my sign!!

One thought on “DIY Garden sign with Tile

  • September 4, 2012 at 3:46 PM

    I can’t believe that dog is just sitting there watching those chickens move about….I know you can train a dog, but can you train a Chicken not to be scared??

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