Cowl fasteners

Hours Worked = 1.25

Couple things accomplished today. First I installed the nutplates that join the upper and lower cowl halves inside the inlets.

And second, I changed out the upper aft cowl hinge pins. Since there is quite a curve to the way the hinges are attached, the plans call for an undersized hinge pin. It gives you more wiggle room when installing it. The problem is that there is wiggle room, and the upper cowl actually “rattles” a little on the rear hinge. To combat this, I ordered some full size stainless hinge pin. Today, I cut them up and bent them to size. Since they are full sized, I needed to sand the pins narrower at the ends where they follow the curve of the fuselage. They are a tight fit, but in this case, that’s a good thing!

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