Rudder Construction – cont.

Hours Worked = 4

After the initial prep of most of the rudder parts yesterday, today was the initial assembly. This involved building the stiffiners, working the rudder horn, and clecoing the entire assemble.

P1010344.JPG P1010345.JPG

Once the skeleton was together, you attach one of the skins. Then you attach a piece of extruded aluminum wedge which gives the trailing edge of the rudder form and strength. This piece needs to be marked, then cut/sanded down.

P1010348.JPG P1010349.JPG

Next, the other skin is installed, followed by a whole lot of clecos. I really want a straight trailing edge, so I put a cleco in every hole and alternated the clecos from one side to the other.

P1010350.JPG P1010355.JPG P1010353.JPG P1010351.JPG 

This was also the first time I got to use my new pneumatic cleco gun. I’ll put a demo in the blog.

And here is tonight’s timelapse:


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