Wiring cleanup

Hours Worked = 2

Now that I had the lighting system tested, I was time to clean everything up. I got all the wiring in the overhead tied into neat bundles, and the bundles secured to the airframe.

I also ran wires to two pins that are going to feed power to the door lights. I’m stealing the idea from Justin Twilbeck. It’s pretty slick.

Then I repeated the same cleanup process on the lighting wires in the tailcone.


I didn’t catch it on the video (damn computer crashed) but I also built a support angle for the magnetometer mount. It just seemed like it was a little “wobbly” fore and aft. It was secure in all other directions, but I just wanted to stiffen it up a bit. So a little strap that connects the J channel to the side of the mount did just the trick!


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