Windscreen trimming

Hours Worked = 1

Instead of the stock windscreen that comes with the kit, and the rest of the transparencies in the plane, I went with a window kit from Cee Bailey. These windows are pre-trimmed, and from talking to a few builders, the windscreen is shaped better than the stock one, saving builders a lot of time trying to fix a bulge in the lower rear edge. It even comes with the centerline pre-marked.

Out of the box, the Cee Bailey’s windscreen was a very close fit, but not perfect. The bottom half of both rear sides needed to be taken down about 1/2″. This was done pretty quickly with a combination of the belt sander and a dremel with a cutoff wheel.

After only an hour of work, the windscreen has been cut to size!


PS: It’s foggy because there is still a protective film on it!

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