Windscreen fairing

Hours Worked = 3.25

Today, I built the transition between the forward fuselage and the bottom edge of the windscreen. When it’s finished, there will be a smooth aerodynamic curved fairing between the two.

I started by prepping all the surfaces per the plans. Then I deviated from the plans just a bit. The fairing is constructed by laying up a number of strips that start quite narrow and get wider as you get closer to the outer layer. The plans call for each of these strips to cover about half the width of the plane, and they would overlap in the center. I had long enough fiberglass sheets that I could do each layer as a single long strip, which also meant that I didn’t have a build up from overlapping strips in the middle.

You’ll also notice that the strips go on white, but then become black. That’s due to the black pigment that I used in the epoxy. This fairing will be visible thru the lower part of the windscreen, and it will look nice being all black.


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