WILD BOG and Flying Adventures in Bemidji Minnesota!


Ed, Colleen, and the kiddos fly their homebuilt Vans RV-10 airplane to Bemidji, Minnesota for a day-trip to see fall colors, Paul Bunyan, and the famous Bemidji Lake State Park Bog Walk.

If you’re new to our website, we’re just two Minnesota kids that wanted to fly – and decided to build our own airplane. Now we fly across the country sharing our travel gems and airplane adventures with you!

This was an easy flight. We didn’t even get out of the house until after Noon. And up to the hanger for a quick 90 minute flight to Bemidji.

We are trying a new B-roll camera on this trip – the DJI Pocket 2. So far so good! Still learning the settings (we accidentally had the fast motion on the flight home and didn’t get anything lol!). It’s so small and compact it even fit in my small purse! And the video quality is tremendous for such a little device.

Bemidji Aviation had a sweet courtesy car (thank you!) and we were off to explore the city.

Getting our tourist on at Paul Bunyan park!

It feels good to travel again with cameras on. If you’ve noticed we’ve been a little quiet lately. Covid seemed to hit everyone a bit differently. For us, the homeschooling and life commitments got overwhelming and now in 2022 we are just starting to come out of our cocoon after some life pondering and resetting.

We make friends with dogs everywhere… it’s kind of our thing.

Paul Bunyan Park is actually on the National Register of historic places. These statues were built in 1937, traveled in parades around the state for 2 years and found their permanent home in Bemidji. Colleen read the sign 😉 of course.

Believe it or not, these statues are said to be the 2nd most photographed statues in the U.S. behind mount Rushmore in South Dakota (according to Kodak).

A quick walk down the block we found Bar 209 for a late afternoon lunch. A nice little upscale sports bar that EJ could watch the Packers game.

With full bellies and energy for hiking we drove to Lake Bemidji State Park specifically to check out the Bog Walk Trail. We didn’t get any photos during the hike so check out the video at 10:58 for all the BOG details!

Dash was getting pretty tired by the end of the hike. Looking back we probably should have gotten out of the house earlier lol! Sleeping in and lazy mornings are few and far between!

All in all it was a nice little afternoon jaunt exploring a little gem in our home state. We got home just in-time for bed and packing for school the next day.

QUESTION FOR YOU — WHERE should we explore next?

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