WHITE HORSES… (sung to the tune by the Rolling Stones)



…..from the airplane….oh wait…

Now that this song is stuck in my head….and maybe yours too. So Hi.  I’m Colleen and I’m self professed geek.  I love bursting out into song (as we already know).  I’m also the most naturally uncrafty wanna be crafty person ever –  so without further ado here goes!

I’ve decieded to jump on the white animal band wagon…  Didn’t know there was one?  Well there is.  I had this horse head in the bottom of a box in the basement and was going to Goodwill it (BTW – I’ve been on a declutter rampage so I’m finally tackling the stacks of junk in the basement).


I LOVE me some cool blogs like YoungHouseLove.com.  Check out this post of theirs on their love of white ceramic animals. (Side note: just realized this post of theirs was from 2009, geez…about time I jump on the bandwagon.  Great. This is probably oh so 2009 now.)  They’re just a regular ‘lil family that are AMAZING DIYers.  So I love their cool white ceramic dog and antlers.  And thought…EASY PROJECT THAT WILL MAKE ME SEEM CRAFTY – yay!

So the next time I was at Wally World I picked up a can of Rust-oleum in white satin.  Thought this would give it the understated shine of perhaps white marble I was looking for.


I did 4 light coats with plenty of time to dry inbetween and here’s the finished result!

whitehorse1.JPG whitehorse2.JPG whitehorse3.JPG

I’m really happy with it.  It’s more elegant than before and puts more emphasis on the shapes and shadows of the face.  I’m excited to re-arrange the mantel with some different height things incorporating the white, black, and brown tones in the living room.

Have you done any easy projects lately that have great results?  Or do you find painting something makes a huge difference to your feeling about the piece?


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