VS Deburring, dimpling, and counter-sinking… OH MY!

Hours Worked = 2.75

This afternoon was spent doing to final prep work to the VS components before priming and assembly. A whole lotta holes needed to be deburred and dimpled, and even some counter-sunk. I learned that my counter sink bits like to really be eased into. If I push too hard right off the bat, the hole gunks up with aluminum, and it’s not a clean cut… whereas if I start out lightly and slowly increase pressure, I get a nice clean countersink.

I have now completed all the steps before final riveting, so now it’s time to figure out my priming plan. The thought is that the sheet alclad aluminum will be scuffed and primed with Akzo 463 epoxy primer, and the rest of the aluminum will be alumi-prepped, alodine’d and primed with the Akzo. It’s going to be a lot of extra work… but I’m not in a big hurry, and any little thing that I can do to build a better plane, I’m going to do.

No pictures tonight, but here is the enthralling timelapse. I did cut out some dead time here and there when I was off camera getting the countersink dialed into the correct depth.

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