Hours Worked = 4.5

Big day today! The first rivets were set, and the first part completed.

P1010389.JPG P1010394.JPG

Not much to say, but I got a lot of use out of the rivet squeezer and the rivet gun. I had a little snafu when I riveted the middle rib to the front spar without having the nose rib in place (the same rivets hold all three parts together.) That just meant that I got some practice at drilling out rivets. There were 2-3 other bad rivets that needed to be drilled out, but no show stoppers!

P1010390.JPG P1010392.JPG

So now one part is complete and set up out of the way until it’s needed again. On to the rudder!

P1010396.JPG P1010397.JPG

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