Vertical Stab and Rudder Priming!

Hours Worked = 6.5

Today was the first primer day. First, Colleen helped me scuff everything up with Scotchbrite pads. After that everything got a good wipe down with acetone to clean off all the oils and other contaminants that might keep the primer from adhering to the aluminum. Once everything was clean, I mixed up a batch of primer and let it sit for the 30 minute induction time.

P1010381.JPG P1010382.JPG
Parts all cleaned up, and more lights have been installed for the paint booth

While I was waiting for the primer’s induction time, I put together my new air brush from Harbor Freight. This thing was 12 bucks, but it’s working perfect for priming.

After using the Akzo 463 primer, I can see why people love this stuff. It has a pot time of 8 hours, so it doesn’t harden in a cup or in the gun (unless you let it sit over night.) But once it’s sprayed on the parts, it’s basically dry within 5 minutes or so. Of course you need to be gentle with it until it’s fully cured.

P1010383.JPG P1010384.JPG

So that’s about it today. No video as there I can’t think of a good way to capture painting without ruining my webcam… and painting is painting. Nothing special there.  But now that the priming is done, tomorrow I’ll be able to set the first rivet!

P1010385.JPG P1010386.JPG P1010387.JPG P1010388.JPG

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