Tunnel work

Hours Worked = 2.5

Started the night by reinstalling the fuel pump. This should be the last time that it needs to get bolted in! Once that was in place, I could work on installing the braided stainless fuel lines that I got from TSFlightLines. I was very impressed at the responsiveness of this company, and the very quick turnaround times… not to mention the quality product they made for me!

After installing the fuel lines, I ran the rudder cables. Since I have the control approach pedals, the rudder cables are fully routed in the tunnel, and I needed to figure out how to do that without having the cables interfere with anything else in the tunnel. I ended up using the plastic tubing that comes stock on the rudder cables… the stuff that protects the cable where it exits the tunnel to the pedals. I didn’t need it there, so I ended up cutting the tubing into two pieces, and using these pieces to attach the cable to the tunnel walls with adel clamps.

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