Tank dimpling

Hours Worked = 2

Got started on dimpling the tank parts tonight. I actually made pretty good progress, as I got all the non skin parts dimpled, and the edges of the skins that I could reach with the squeezer.

One thing that helped move the process along quickly is that I made a ghetto fabulous foot activated switch for me pneumatic squeezer. Sure… you could buy a nice foot activation switch, but why spend $150 when you have some zip ties, string, and angle aluminum laying around?!?

P1020022.JPG P1020023.JPG P1020024.JPG P1020025.JPG

Oh yeah. I’ve got mad engineering skills! The amazing thing is that it worked perfectly! I could have both hands holding the part, and operate the squeezer with my foot.

The only thing that I was worried about was Sawyer trampling thru this quality setup and dimpling something that wasn’t made to be dimpled, like my thumb. Just had to keep a cautious eye out for that.

As great as the foot activated dimpling station was, about half way thru, I decided to improve it a bit more. I was trying to hear my TV show, and this pesky squeezer is LOUD when you release the trigger and the air hisses out. Solution? Further prove my engineering prowess by designing a custom squeezer muffler:


That may LOOK like a towel taped around the bottom of a pneumatic squeezer, but trust me. A lot of thought and design went into both finding the optimal material (the first towel I found in the shop) and the best mechanical fastening system (cheap masking tape is cheap).

And this goes without saying… PATENT PENDING, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! Look for KRANZBILT “quality” airplane building tools coming soon to a Harbor Freight near you!


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  • December 6, 2012 at 9:35 AM


    Did you use the special tank dies and/or substructure dies from Cleavland? I’m getting close to dimpling my first tank, and I’m on the fence as to whether or not to buy the tank/substructure dies. Pros or Cons you know of??


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