Tailcone Wiring

Hours Worked = 5

Back into the hole I go! I had to drag myself back into the tailcone to wire tie the pitch trim wires and elt antenna cable. I SHOULD be done with having to crawl way back into the tail again, but I’ve said things like that before…

Next, I pulled wires for the autopilot thru from the panel back to the tailcone area.

Before I got too far, I decided to finalize the locations of the components on the tailcone shelf. I positioned and bolted the ELT, the ADSB box, the LCU (our fancy acronym for a Lighting Control Unit), and a mini fuse block. To save space, the GDL39r ADSB box is going to be bolted to the underside of the shelf. I’m hoping this works, as this unit has a Bluetooth transmitter in it (to allow iPads to connect to the ADSB traffic and weather data stream), and I’m hoping it being located under the shelf doesn’t block this signal. I’ll be leaving a healthy service loop in the GDL’s connection just in case I have to move it somewhere else.

With all the components bolted to the shelf, I could install the shelf in the plane. I also was able to install the Garmin GSA28 autopilot pitch servo, as well as the linkage that connects it to the bellcrank.


I then finished securing the pitch trim and ELT antenna cable, and crimped on the remaining BNC connector for the ELT.

Finally, I figured out the routing for the AP servo harness, and built the connector for it. Once the connector was built, I wire tied the harness and secured it all to the tailcone shelf with some adel clamps.


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