Tailcone stuff

Hours Worked = 4.5

There are a few items that are going to be mounted in the tailcone behind the rear baggage bulkhead: The ELT, the GDL39-R ADSB-IN, a Light Control Unit (of my own design), and a small mini fuse block. Justin Twilbeck was kind enough to share a design he came up with for an aluminum shelf that will provide space to bolt all this good stuff to. It’s simply a flat plate of aluminum that attaches to the existing screw holes in the center bellcrank structure, and to a pair of homemade brackets that are pop riveted to the outer J channel.

I started today by getting this plate fabricated and ready to be installed in the plane.

Next, I fabricated a doubler plate for the ADSB-IN antenna, which is right in front of the equipment shelf on the belly skin of the tailcone.

The, I ran a wire from the firewall all the way out the back of the tailcone for my NAV/strobe light.

Finally, I crawled back into the tailcone to glue some plastic wire standoffs in the tailcone for things like the ELT antenna cable, the pitch trim wires, static line, and NAV/strobe lines. It’s a tight fit, but since we actually planned ahead and put the equipment shelf on the right side of the plane, it wasn’t too bad to crawl back there.


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