Starting the Static System

Hours Worked = 1

Quick night tonight. I began to install the static ports and lines that will be in the tailcone. For static ports, I’m using the SafeAir1 ports. These are a nice machined port that mounts securely from the inside and looks nice outside. I’m planning on prosealing these in place at a later date when I have some other proseal parts lined up and ready to go.

IMG_1332.JPG IMG_1335.JPG IMG_1333.JPG IMG_1334.JPG

For the static lines, I’m using push together fittings with 1/4″ nylon line from SteinAir. These lines are secured to the bulkhead with little adhesive tip tie mounting pads. Since I don’t trust that little foam adhesive pad, I’m also putting a pop rivet thru the pad.

IMG_1336.JPG IMG_1337.JPG

And that’s about it for the static system for now. I’m just going to be leaving the static line coiled up in the tail until I make a final decision on my avionics, and know where the lines need to go.


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