Starting the ribs

Hours Worked = 3

I finished up the spars this morning, had lunch, and thought… I should work on the plane! I actually had to hang around the house for work anyways, so why not get some more work done too?

There are a lot of ribs in RV10 wings, and they all need to be deburred and fluted. I’ve talked about deburring before, but what is fluting? Well, it’s the process of putting little crimps in the flange of the ribs to shrink the metal. We do this because when the ribs are stamped into shape at the factory, they can develop a slight bow. Fluting straightens everything out making it easier to rivet everything together.

So, I sat down with my big pile of ribs, popped some headphones in with a good aviation podcast (Uncontrolled Airspace) and just got it done.

P1010853.JPG  P1010854.JPG

Following that, I got started with the aileron belcrank assemblies.

P1010855.JPG P1010856.JPG


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