Starting the landing gear fairings

Hours Worked = 2.5

Since I’m in the fiberglass mindset, I’m choosing to start working on the landing gear fairings.

The first step is to make sure the wheel pants fit together well. I’m using a method described by Dan Horton from Van’s Airforce. I started by setting the front half of the wheel pants on a level surface and while holding a pencil flat on the table, drew a line around the wheel pant. This gave me a perfectly straight line around the pant. Once the line was drawn, I cut along the line to make the back edge of the pant level.


Once the front half of the wheel pant was perfectly level, I needed to find the top centerline and the rear center point of the rear half. These marks will be used to align the pant.

Once marked, I applied some electrical tape as a release agent to the front wheel half, and taped it to the rear half. I then measured out the screw locations and match drilled the halves together with a #40 bit.

With the wheel pant joined, I was able to determine the front centerpoint using measurements listed in the manual.

To finish up for the day, I brushed on a coat of epoxy/flox into the joint between the pant halves. Since I knew the front half was perfectly level, filling in any gaps will ensure the two parts mate perfectly with a totally straight joint.

Wow. That almost took as much time to explain as it actually took to do! Hopefully what I typed makes since with the pictures and the video!


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