Sorting itsy bitsy parts

Hours Worked = 1

After staying up late sorting sheet metal, tonight we dug into sorting lots of small parts… like rivets and bolts.

P1010296.JPG P1010294.JPG

Colleen helped inventory, Sawyer helped hold the bench down.

Not really much to describe here, but I want to say that I really like being able to wheel the two benches I build for this project around the garage.

One thought on “Sorting itsy bitsy parts

  • March 13, 2013 at 5:56 PM


    Great website! Just going through the process of researching sites such as your for clues before I take the plunge. I noticed you mentioned being able to wheel your workbenches around the shop but didn’t see wheels mounted in the picture on this page. Did you add those later? I’m assuming you built the “standard” EAA work benches. Looks like at least two are needed to help the process. Thanks again for documenting your project. I’ll be reviewing lots of your handiwork. Continued success.


    P.S. Former USAF fighter pilot and currently 767 Captain/Check Airman with major airline.

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