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Hours Worked = 4

While I’m waiting for my new squeezer yoke to arrive to finish the wing top skins, I decided to start on the leading edges. These are pretty straight forward: a curved skin with 7 ribs, a j-channel stiffener, and a “splice strip” for the fuel tanks to screw to.

I started by locating all the parts, then doing some fluting, deburring, cutting J-channel to length, and also removing the splice strip that comes as part of the tank skins. You also have to notch out 4 of the ribs so they don’t interfere with the spar stiffeners.

Once all that’s done, it’s time for the fun task of working the ribs into the leading edge skin. These ribs were stubborn for me. What I eventually found that works best for me is to start at the nose of one of the ribs with a cleco from the inside out. Then tap the rib firmly into the skins until the forward hole on the other side was close to lining up. Then I could work a cleco in, and work my way up the ribs. I was pretty time consuming for something fairly straight forward.

P1010925.JPG P1010924.JPG P1010923.JPG P1010922.JPG

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