Slow TV – Flying Backcountry Salt Lake City to Johnson Creek, ID

We did a new thing!

After a recent trip out west – (normal Flight Report vid coming soon when we stop falling asleep cuddling with the kids at bedtime) – we decided to post a long version of the wing footage as a first “SLOW TV”. If you enjoy Slow TV, or have seen the Slow TV filmed in Norway you might enjoy this.

[YOU: Colleen, I have no idea what what Slow TV is. Why would this matter to me?]

Never heard of it? I gotcha covered. Unlike the fast cut versions of most TV shows today, Slow TV is unedited, real-time, and some consider it interestingly calming. If you look up Slow TV on YouTube, you’ll find lots of boats, trains, everyday life. And heck, even that yule long my Dad turns to on Christmas Day!

Slow TV began with the broadcast of a train journey from the coastal city of Bergen to the capital, Oslo. The camera was on the front of the train and the viewer would watch scenery go by… for seven hours. The show titled “Salmon Swimming Upstream” ran 18 hours.

But the idea is that it requires you to slow down…. and enjoy the scenery.

Let’s all take a deep breath. =)

Here is our version of SLOW TV – Flying from Salt Lake City to Johnson Creek, ID.

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