Rudder: Last bit of prep

Hours Worked = 1.75

Today was the first day my father was able to come out and help get us closer to having a flying plane! It isn’t the most exciting thing to debur a few hundred holes on sheet aluminum, but I always like hanging out with my dad. With his help, I was able to get the skins fully deburred, and everything dimpled.

P1010371.JPG P1010375.JPG

As it sits now, I have finished everything in the vertical stabilizer and rudder I can before priming. Since I really want a half day or so to get everything worked out getting the priming set up, I took the rest of my evening to straighten up the shop and get a little better organized. I even built a little holder for all my various bits, sets, dies, and such


Anyways, here’s tonight’s video:

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