Right front skins drilled

Hours Worked = 3

Same as yesterday, with one exception.

There are welded steel brackets that are riveted to the four corners of the firewall. These join the structure of the fuse channels, skins, firewall, and eventually the motor mount together. There are 3 “tabs” that come off the back of the base of the bracket, and these sandwich the fuse channels. The problem is that these brackets deformed a bit during the welding process, and now the tabs don’t line up properly with the pre-drilled holes in the other parts.

Following the advice of builders that have come before me, I drilled out all the rivets that were holding the upper brackets (the lowers seem fine) to the firewall. Once the brackets were free, I put them in the vice and bent them to compensate for the warp from welding. Once back in, they lined up much better.



And after:


You can see that the upper tab nests flush into the fuse side channel now, and everything will line up nicely when these parts are match drilled.

In addition to the bracket work, the right front fuse skin is all drilled.

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