Right door work

Hours Worked = 3.25

Tonight, I continued to work down the door to get the fit to the cabin top closer. Having the door hinged in place made this pretty quick and straight forward. Close the door, see if it’s too close, lift the door up, and trim as necessary. Then repeat.

After getting the door sides trimmed pretty much where I want them, I started trimming the inside lip of the cabin top door opening. I’m going to be using an aftermarket door seal that many other builders use from McMaster-Carr. It’s a seal that attaches onto the cabin top, and will both seal all the way around the door, but also give the cabin top opening a nice finished off look. However, because of the way the seal attaches to the cabin top, the part of the opening lip that curves out needs to be removed and there needs to be a consistent 1/4″ gap between the cabin top gutter and the door when it’s closed. This gap allows the 3/8″ bulb of the seal to compress, but not bind things up.

I made up a little feeler gauge tool out of a popsiscle stick, and with the door closed, measured 1/4″ inward from the inside skin. I then began to cut and sand back to this line. Some places on the gutter takes a LOT of cutting and sanding, others are pretty close as it. This part is going to end up taking a while…

IMG_1633.JPG IMG_1636.JPG IMG_1637.JPG 

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