Rib stuff

Hours Worked = 1.75

Quick catch-up post. (I’m writing this from the future!)

Drilled out the holes for wire and air lines in the wing ribs. I’m drilling them to fit the 3/4″ conduit from Vans to run out to each wing tip. I’m also drilling out the holes to run the pitot lines in both wings. The directions call for you to only drill them out in the left wing, but I’m going to have an Angle of Attack system, and I’m not sure which wing I’m going to mount it in yet.

I also drilled #30 holes in the bottom flare of a few of the lightening holes on all the ribs, as I’m going to have wingtip antennas, and I want to keep the runs separate from the power lines in the main wire bundle.

And finally, I got three ribs riveted!

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