psst…Telling the World Ed’s Secret!

Okay, hun – you can stop hyperventilating now.

I’m not sure if you can tell from all the timelapses that my husband is very organized in the garage.  Being organized does not come naturally to Ed, but since he started the RV he’s really been amazing me with his consistent habit to clean up his work space, plan his process, and here’s the RINGER…


It may be small, but it makes such a huge difference.  I can’t tell you how much time that probably saves him.  I know from past projects our tools get strewn about and we end up wasting time looking for the materials we need.  Now, he can probably tell you the exact – to the inch – location of all his tools and materials.  I am blown away.

So that’s it.  Secrets out.  Being organized saves time, money, and so much sanity.

Being organized doesn’t come easy to me either, but I’ve had the good fortune to work for a company that makes organizational supplies and part of my job is to communicate organizing tips and tools.  So over the years I’ve had a pretty good library of reference.  Now organizing the pantry makes me feel like I’ve conquered the world.  Getting rid of clutter clears my mind.  Last week I was at the National Association of Professional Organizers Conference in Baltimore (did you know there was such a group?) where I got to chat with all the organizing gurus of the industry.  Can I just say i HEART THEM!  In fact I shot a video of a Professional Organizer author, Valentina Sgro, who was such a delight that I ordered her non-fiction book “Patience and the Porche” from Amazon.

I did my first attempt at an unboxing video too:)  Yes, Rocky is a pest.  Yes, I know it isn’t backwards.

One thought on “psst…Telling the World Ed’s Secret!

  • March 29, 2012 at 4:43 PM

    Good job Ed! I fight the same tendencies, but so enjoy when things are in place. I usually run into problems when I am working up against the clock and trying to get something done. It ends up time to go and I drop what I am doing and leave a mess. If I could allow time for cleanup… and stay away from cheeseburgers… And exercise more… Anyway good job on the important habit change!

    And Colleen, fun hearing your perspective. You should check out the spouses corner forum at: they have been struggling to get active spouses and I am sure they would appreciate your stories.

    Happy building!

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