Prop Governor, Fuel Servo, and Filtered Air Box

Hours Worked = 3.25

More good progress today.

I started by bolting the propellor governor on to the motor. This device controls the pitch of the propellor, using engine oil pressure, to maintain a specific RPM that I set with a lever inside the cockpit. Installing was just 4 nuts and a gasket.

Installing the fuel servo was pretty much the same thing. I just had to make sure that I first installed the cable mounting plate which gets sandwiched in between the fuel servo and the engine block. The servo is a portion of the fuel injection system. It controls the amount of fuel that gets sent to the fuel injectors and controls the amount of air into the engine with a butterfly valve. The other two engine controls in the cockpit (the third being prop control) will operate levers on the fuel servo which control the butterfly valve (throttle) and the amount of fuel thru the system (mixture).

And then I spent the rest of the day making the filtered air box. This is a little fiberglass and aluminum box that funnels air from the cowl snorkle, thru a K&N air filter, and into the fuel servo. There is a little fiddling to get it just right, and you have to install a cutout to allow for clearance for the throttle arm, and the instructions are TERRIBLE. But if you just lay everything out, you can pretty much figure out what goes where. Many of the parts in the FAB kit aren’t needed, as my fuel injected engine doesn’t need carb heat (no carb!).


2 thoughts on “Prop Governor, Fuel Servo, and Filtered Air Box

  • March 31, 2016 at 9:51 AM

    Which throttle quadrant did you use? Where did you get it?


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