Pin blocks and pushrods

Hours Worked = 3.25

The RV10 doors are secured in the closed position by two pins at the bottom front and bottom rear corners of the door. These pins slide out of the door horizontally into the cabin top and aluminum bulkhead structure of the fuselage when the handle mechanism is turned. These pins ride in some plastic blocks that sit in pockets on the front and rear edge of the door.

The PlaneAround latch kit comes with replacement blocks that allow the pins to retract further into the door (to allow for the latch timing I wrote about in the last post.)

Tonight, I got these blocks built. The process is to follow the stock Van’s instructions, with the stock Van’s blocks to get all the holes drilled into the door. The stock blocks themselves are used to do the match drilling. Once the holes are in the door, the stock blocks are tossed, and then you fit the PlaneAround block in place. They come significantly over-sized to accommodate differences in any builder’s doors, so there is quite a bit of cutting down required. Luckily, the material they are made from sands down well on the belt sander, and it didn’t take too long to get a nice fit.

After the blocks were done, I started cutting down the door pushrods from the stock Van’s dimensions to lengths called out in the PlaneAround instructions.

IMG_1700.JPG IMG_1723.JPG

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