Overhead light cutouts

Hours Worked = 3

I only got one thing accomplished today. I cut out all the holes for the overhead lights in the overhead console inserts.

I have two eyeball lights (each with a separate switch) and a PlaneAround LED panel light in the overhead insert over the rear passengers, and I have a pair of Aveo EyeBeam Touch lights for the pilot/copilot. There is also a PlaneAround panel LED in the front, but it already has a cutout in the carbon fiber.

The rear lights were very simple. Just measure out where I wanted the lights and switches and drill/cut the holes.

Now the Eyebeams were another story. Inside the box, there is a sticker with the dimensions of the needed hole on it. It’s a bit more complicated than a normal hole, because there is a notch for a ribbon cable, and a flat spot in the hole, for anti-rotation. Good thing they have this sticker! Just stick it on to the aluminum, score thru it, and cut it out! Right? WRONG! I did exactly that, but once I finished the cutout, it was TOO SMALL. So I busted out my calipers, and get this. The STICKER ISN’T TO SCALE!!! It’s close enough that if you don’t look to closely at the base of the lights, it looks fine.


So, in order to make this complex pattern with just the dimensions of the sticker, I had to draw it up in SketchUp, print it out, and tape that to the overhead insert. What a pain. How much work would it have been to make the sticker that you already include to be TO SCALE!?!?

Yeah. That sucked. In the pictures below, the yellow pattern is the sticker, and the white one is the one I printed out. See how it’s not THAT far off?


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