Nose wheel pant

Hours Worked = 3.5

The nose wheel pant construction is very similar to the main wheel pants.

I started by cutting down some aluminum blocks that are used as spacers/supports for the towbar attachment points. These attachment points are simply large allen screws that thread into the nose fork. They also secure the pant brackets to the fork. The brackets also hook under the axle bolt head (and nut). However, since I’m using the aftermarket matco nose wheel axle, I have an extra bolt on one side of the fork that slighlty interfered with the bracket. All I needed to do was notch the bracket to fit around the axle anti-rotation bolt, and it was all good.


Then it was time to fit the wheel pant. The wheel opening took a bit of trimming to even start to fit around the tire, and even then, because of the geometry of the pant, you really have to stretch the fiberglass to fit it over the brackets.

Next, I decided to actually draw the “level” line out on the pant, by connecting the front and rear centerpoints with a laserplane, and marking it out with a sharpie. The instructions also tell you that the axle bolt should be a measured distance below this line, so I measured down, and shot another parallel level line with the laserplane. This made fitting a lot easier, and more precise. Once I had the pant roughly where I wanted, I re-set up the laserplane with it centered on the head of the axle bolt. Then when I put the wheel pant on, I just had to line up the laser with the sharpie level line on the pant, and it will be level, and inline with the axle! It was then just a matter of fiddling with the fore/aft alignment, and I match drilled the bracket holes and filled in the gaps with flox (after putting packaging tape on the brackets as a release).


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