New pneunatic cleco gun: I like it!

I work on computers all day, and have been for years. I’m 32, and I’m already having some problems with my wrists. After using cleco pliers to install, move, and remove all the clecos needed to match drill the vertical stabilizer skins, I realized I needed to find something better.

Enter the pneumatic cleco gun:

It works the same way a normal cleco pliers does, but uses air pressure instead of forearm muscle to compress the spring. I bought this gun from¬†for $60, and after using it on the rudder skins, I gotta say that I’ve got good post-purchase feelings.

There are only 2 caveats:

First, you’re not going to be able to use this for every cleco. Sometimes it doesn’t fit into a tight space, and sometimes it’s not practical to get the air hose out for a few clecos.

Second, when you use this tool to remove clecos, make sure you are slightly pulling out on the cleco BEFORE you press the trigger. Pressing the trigger makes the ram in the tool move out, and if the lip of the cleco isn’t being held by the tool, the ram is also pressing the cleco into the surface it’s in with at least the force of the compressed spring. I didn’t think about this, and got a small dent in a skin. Luckily it was very small, and cover-up-able, but it could have been worse.

Finally, I made a short video to demonstrate how well the gun works:

One thought on “New pneunatic cleco gun: I like it!

  • February 29, 2012 at 4:20 PM

    Okay, so much easier than using the manual tools! Well worth the $60 in my book.

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