Much gooder.

Hours Worked = 2.25

Tonight was round two with the proseal. I didn’t have much time to work on the plane tonight, but I wanted to get the rib tooling holes sealed up at least.

I started off be going backwards. I didn’t like the way one of the patches was made yesterday, so I drilled out the rivets and scraped away the proseal.

Next, I tried a new method of mixing proseal. I set a piece of mirror on the gram scale and measured out the correct amount of A and B parts, then mixed it together with a putty knife. That worked awesome.

Then I scraped the proseal up and dropped it into a ziplock, cut the corner off, and voila! A precision proseal applicator!

The final change I made is that I didn’t rivet the parts I prosealed today. I read a great how-to about prosealing tanks on VAF, and the author recommended applying the proseal and clecoing the parts fully together. Then you let it all set up for a day or two. Then you come back, remove one cleco at a time, put another dab of proseal on the hole, drop a rivet in, and squeeze it.

So that’s where everything is sitting now. We’ll see how it looks tomorrow.

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