More flap stuff

Hours Worked = 4.5

Started out today by match drilling the holes at the trailing edge of the flap attach brackets. With that done, I disassembled the flaps.

P1020161.JPG P1020162.JPG

Next I countersunk the aileron trailing edge wedges. With the other trailing edges I’ve done, I did this manually with the air drill. That is a slow and tedious way to do it. This time, I took the time to make up a jig that would hold the wedge in a way that I could countersink with the drill press. Basically, I just screwed a piece of scrap wedge to a block of wood. The screws I used were countersunk into the wedge so they wouldn’t interfere with the piece I was countersinking. Then I just put this block in the drill press vice and went to town. It was MUCH easier to countersink the wedge this way, and I wish I had done it this way from the start!


Next, I pulled the blue plastic off of all the parts. Colleen even made a guest appearance to help pick plastic for a few minutes! And finally, I started deburring the thicker pieces of the flap attach brackets.


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