More right door seal prep

Hours Worked = 1.5

A continuation of last night. Slowly working my way around the door trying to get the consistent 1/4″ gap.

One issue I ran into is that the gap between the bottom of the door and the gutter is actually MORE than 1/4″ Since I need that 1/4″ gap to ensure good seal compression, I’m going to be stealing an idea from fellow RV10 builder Phil Perry. Here’s what he did: YouTube Video

I actually had some 1/4″ thick cardboard laying around, so I just taped that to the door with packaging tape, closed the door, and filled up the gap with an epoxy/flox mixture. Once that cures, and I remove the cardboard, I should have a perfect gap!

IMG_1638.JPG IMG_1639.JPG IMG_1640.JPG IMG_1642.JPG


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