More door work

Hours Worked = 4

Today, I started by working on the area where the hinges sit against the cabin top. There are pockets that the hinges sit in, and they look rough. What I am doing is filling the pocket right up to the hinge (with a small gap for paint), and smoothing everything out. Then when everything is painted, the hinges will also be painted the body color. They should blend right in to the cabin top. Not that it’s even very important, as the only way to see the hinges is when you’re standing on the wing with the doors closed… which is pretty much NEVER! Oh well. At least I’ll know they look pretty!


Then, I did the initial sanding of the door hinge pocket covers on the first door, and then bonded in the covers on the second door. I also filled in some gaps around my door pin blocks.


I also took a few minutes to sand the Rosen visor mount pads I built the other day. They are going to look nice!


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  • October 11, 2014 at 3:27 PM

    Excellent docu-blog and YouTube channel!

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