Misc tailcone wiring + brake lines

Hours Worked = 2.5

I started by test fitting the stainless steel lines I had made up from Bonaco. I had to have them cut down a bit to fit better with the control approach pedals that I have installed. However, when they cut down the set of lines that go from the pilots pedals to the parking brake valve, the put the wrong ends on. I’ll have to have the correct ends put on, but once I do, I should be ready to fill the system up with brake fluid and bleed the brakes.

I also worked on pulling some of the wires from the tailcone area up to the front of the fuse. For now, I’m just pulling everything long, labeling it, and letting it hang out of the door. Once I get my panel from Aerosport, I’ll be able to determine final placement of all the components, and I’ll finish the wire routing then.

Two of the cables I worked on tonight were the ELT and trim cables. The ELT has a unique plastic barrel connector that needs to be built. It’s a little “putzy” to build it, but not too bad. I also put a 9 pin D-sub connector on the pitch trim motor. This will make for a simple connection once it’s time to put the tail feathers on.


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