Match drilling the cabin top

Hours Worked = 3.5

As the title says, today I enlisted the help of my very pregnant assistant to set the cabin top on the fuselage. The rear of the top was still a bit long, so I needed to take it down about 1/8″ in a few places. The hand belt sander (the $9.99 pawn shop find!) with 80 grit paper has made fitting the top a snap!

I also had to trim down the bottom of the top on the rear passenger side a bit more, as it was hitting the longeron. The biggest pain with this process was taking off an putting back on the panel behind the top to check fit!

Once the top was fitting like a glove, I clamped it in place and began match drilling it to the fuse. I had to take my time, and clear out the fiberglass dust that would build up between the top and the skins.

Once the back-top and sides were done, I moved on to the door openings. A long #30 bit made these simple to get. Having the right tools in this build is definitely worth the money spent!

The front door opening mount holes were a little trickier as it’s a bit of a tight fit, and the top needed to be trimmed just a tad to fit the tabs on the fuse… but otherwise straight forward.


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