Magnetometer Install

Hours Worked = 4.5

Today, I got the magnetometer installed. I’m installing it using the RV10 mounting bracket that I got from Steinair. I think it’s made by Garmin. It has all the holes for the mag mount pre-drilled. I’m going to be putting it on the first bulkhead aft of the baggage bulkhead. Technically, if I positioned it per the requirements in the Garmin installation manual, it would be mounted on a wooden pole like 20′ behind the plane. I’ve read that others have had luck with this location. The only thing I’m nervous about is how close it is to the overhead air valve servo. I’ll know how it’s going to work once the panel is wired, and I do the initial magnetometer calibration and test. If I do have a problem, I’ll worry about it then.


I also ran the wires for the mag, and built the connector, which is plastic, as to not mess with the magnetic field around the mag.

I also built the other end of the pitch trim servo connector.

Then I finished the day up by installing the GEA24 Engine Analyzer module on the sub-panel, and pulled all the sensor lines thru the firewall passthru.


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