Lots of drilling, with a twist at the end

Hours Worked = 2.75

Drilling: I got all the side skins match drilled with the underlying structure. I also match drilled the upper longerons to the rear spar assemblies, which was a little tricky. It required me to lay on the rear seats of the plane and drill up thru the angle on the bulkhead, into the longeron. This is one of those places where the long drill bit (which flex) work great.

With the longerons locked in place against the rear spar bulkhead assemblies, I match drilled them all.

The twist at the end was just that. The last thing I did for the night was to put some twist into the forward fuse channels. These pieces connect the firewall brackets to the side channel that makes up the front of the door opening. The lower channels got 20* of twist, and the uppers got ~8*. This was easy to check with the little gravity angle finder.


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