IMG_0721.JPGThis has nothing to do with airplanes, other than it caused me to not work on the plane for over a week! Colleen has someRead More »

Corn Frittata with Cheese - the you gotta try egg recipe

With our increase in egg quantity I've been experimenting with lots of egg recipes - this is a healthy, great tasting one.  AND its anRead More »

DIY Garden sign with Tile

Quickie post on SUCH a super cool gift idea from my BFF, Alicia,  and her Wilmington, IL Garden Club friends - I had to share!Read More »

Cool Find - Eco Nuts!

IMG_0721.JPGSo I heard about these weird nuts that you use as an alternative to detergent, softener and drier sheets.  At only 6 bucks for aRead More »