Intersection fairings, part 1

Hours Worked = 1.25

The intersection fairings is another place where I will be deviating from the plans. The instructions call for the intersection fairings to simply be screwed to the wheel pants. However, this doesn’t leave a very smooth joint between the two parts, and the intersection fairings need to be removed in a separate step any time you need to take the wheel pants off.

Instead, I will be doing what a number of other builders have done and bond the intersection fairings directly to the wheel pants, and splitting them along the joint between the wheel pant halves. That way, I can blend in the joint between the pants and the intersection fairing, and taking the wheel pants off becomes that much easier. Plus, it looks a lot nicer in my humble opinion!

Now a disclaimer: DON’T do what I do in this post. Check out this post for a better way to do this. Tonight was what you would call a learning experience!

With that said, I had the intersection fairings match drilled to the wheel pants, and the first step was to cut up the intersection fairings along the wheel pant joint. I started trying to get this exact with a laser, but you can just eyeball it to what looks good. I ended up curving the seams on mine to follow the forward slant of the fairing.

Then, and here’s where I messed up, I bonded the intersection fairing to the wheel pant when the pant wasn’t installed on the plane, with the leg fairing in place. I just had the wheel pant sitting on the bench. This caused a few problems. First, excess epoxy got into the area where the leg fairing needed to sit. I also ended up bonding too much of the rear pieces of the intersection fairing together. And finally, things just didn’t line up very well after it was cured. In the end, this caused me a bit more work.

IMG_2378.JPG IMG_2381.JPGIMG_2379.JPG IMG_2380.JPGIMG_2382.JPG

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