Interior Lighting System, Part 2

Hours Worked = 6.5

I took a day off of work today so I could focus on getting some good work done on the plane. I’m continuing on with the installation of my interior lighting system.

I started the day by getting all the wires pulled to each light, switch, and dimmer location. If you look at the wiring diagram on yesterdays post, you will see that this ends up being quite a bit of wire! Each wire was pulled individually, labeled with some masking tape on each end of the wire, and then that wire was highlighted on the diagram I had printed out, so I could keep track of what I was doing.

Next, I bundled the wires in the overhead console into harnesses, and installed connectors to mate up with the connector harnesses I made up last night. There were a few connections where 2 or 3 wires connect into a single wire, and these connections were all soldered and covered with heat shrink. Note, it is not fun trying to hold together 4 wires, over your head, a solder pen, and a spool of solder at the same time! Somehow I managed though.

Then was the big task. Building the LCU. The LCU is basically a big red project box with a 6062 timer circuit (the blue circuit board) that I purchased, a prototyping solderable breadboard with 3 DPDT relays, 1 SPST relay, and all the wiring to connect them all together with a 15 pin D-sub connector.

First, I soldered all the relays to the board. Then I soldered all the short little wires that connected components on the board to other parts of the board. Then I soldered on all the wires that run from the board to the timer circuit and to the d-sub connector. That’s where I left it for the night. I’ll pick it back up tomorrow!


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