I need to move somewhere cooler than Minnesota…

Hours Worked = 1

I hear Antarctica is nice this time of year.

Again, I forced myself into the oven I call a garage to make forward progress. There are a few ribs on each wing that need to be trimmed down. I got that done, then cleco’d the ribs to the wing spars.

I’m building both wings at the same time, even though the instructions in the book are only for the left wing. This makes it easier for me to keep track of “mirror image” parts. All the -L and -R parts don’t actually refer to the left and right wings, but which way the flanges go. Therefor, you have to pay VERY close attention to which wing you are working on, and which rib goes where.

Once I got all the ribs cleco’d in place, and TRIPLE CHECKING that each rib was in the right place, I labeled each rib from 1-15 so they could all be re-installed in the same place.

By the end, I was over heated, getting eaten alive by mosquitos, and knew if I continued, I’d start throwing tools. Called it a night after just an hour.


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