Gretz Pitot Mast

Hours Worked = 3.25

Today, I got the pitot mast mounted. I’m using the Gretz pitot mount, which will hold the Gretz GA-1000 heated pitot.

I’m following Tim Olson’s lead, and mounting the pitot next to the second from the outer rib on the left wing. The recommended location is next to the wing inspection cover further inboard, but that leaves it close to the tiedown point, and I don’t want to take any chances having a tiedown rope getting caught on the pitot. I will still have full access to the pitot control module and the pitot, but I’ll need to take the wing tip off to get to it.

The mount is pretty straight forward. I started mounting a piece of reinforcing angle aluminum and the mount doubler plate. Once this was in place, I match drilled a few holes to the wing skins. Once the holes were in the skins, I was able to use the doubler plate as a template for the rest of the holes in the skin, including the cutout for the pitot mast itself. This hole I made with a step bit to start the hole, and sanding drums on a dremel to finish it up. A little deburring and it was all done!

P1020110.JPG P1020111.JPG P1020112.JPG P1020113.JPG P1020114.JPG

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