Fuel tanks, part 2

Hours Worked = 5.25

Today marked the first day of actual construction progress on the fuel tanks. I began by clecoing the ribs into the skin. This is much harder than it sounds, as they are a very tight fit.

The method that works best for me is to cleco the rib to the lower skin by the furthest aft hole. This just holds the rib roughly in place. Then I run a cleco thru the forward most hole to the lower skin. That one is normally pretty easy. Where it starts getting tight is when the bottom is firmly in place and you try to get the top holes lined up. I used a sharp center punch to feel thru the skin into the hole in the rib, and then pull the holes into alignment. Once I got it pretty close, I’d run a cleco thru, and things would work their way into place.

I did run into one issue today. I couldn’t for the life of me find one of the skin stiffeners. I tore the garage apart looking for it, and even started looking around in the house on the strange chance I forgot it in my hand when I went in last. Finally, I broke down and asked Colleen for help. Within a few minutes of her helping, I found the missing stiffener.

Can you see it?


How about now?


It mush have been pushed up into this groove when I was cutting them out!


After regaining my sanity, I managed to finish fitting and drilling most of the parts up to the rear baffles.

P1020003.JPG P1020004.JPG P1020005.JPG

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