Flight Report: Wisconsin Dells Fly In

Hay hay! We took a daytrip afternoon outing to Wisconsin Dells. Here’s the adventure write-up and OUR FIRST VLOG below! (that means video blog, Dad =O)

So a few weeks ago we found ourselves with a free Sunday afternoon and a destination on our travel map. We were sitting at the table eating a late breakfast (ok, early lunch!) and it went something like this:

Ed: “Hey Babe, have any plans this afternoon”
Colleen: “No, why?”
Ed: “Let’s fly somewhere fun for your birthday”
Colleen: “Okay! Let’s gets go! I’m sure we can get outa the house in 15 minutes.”

….3 hours later

Anyhoo, we decided getting up in the air would be way more fun than working on landscaping… boo!

My birthday was earlier that week (actually the same day Ed and EJ threw out the first pitch at the Twins Game) and we hadn’t really done anything yet.

As we were thinking about where to head, the big issue that always comes up is last mile transportation. How you get to where you’re going once you park the airplane. In some cases there are airport courtesy cars. but they may not always be available or only available for a small amount of time.

So… Wisconsin Dells was the destination on our travel map. And at only a quick 45 minute flight, that’s a great little getaway! And they have a taxi service as well.

Wisconsin Dells is probably known as the waterpark capital of the world. But guess why we were going…


Aw yeah.

Yep, this is totally a Colleen geeky kinda adventure. I had actually pinned the destination a while ago when Pinterest still had their travel boards. SIGH…

[Geeky sidenote Colleen social rant: If it hasn’t come up in daily conversation with me, just know I am still VERY PUT OUT ABOUT PINTEREST discontinuing their travel boards. They didn’t make an announcement. It wasn’t a big issues in social news. It was just gone. We integrated our Pinterest travel board into our blog at the time and spent a lot of time building out our pins of places we wanted to go. Each pin would show up on a Pinterest Board map so it was really neat seeing all the places and having handy links. Thus when they removed the functionality, it broke our website travel map and we had to figure out a new solution. After an hour on the phone with Pinterest giving them my opinion on future road-mapping for the Travel Board functionality, I gave up. Our Travel Map today is managed through Google Maps and I guess in the end is better. We have different icons for places we’ve been and places we want to go. If anyone is interested in a quick how to on that let me know! Rant done. Sorry, not sorry Pinterest. Gosh darn it I still love you, but I really don’t like you right now.]

Why did I want to go? Harry Potter fans take heed! Real life wizard world interactive gameplay. Again… aw yeah.

So! We packed up (picked up a new dedicated airplane car seat) and headed out.

EJ said his car seat was “super comfy”
Airplane in Wisconsin Dells
Check out the saweet new cover.

Within a few minutes of landing the taxi arrived at Baraboo airport which is about 10 minutes away from Great Wolf Lodge. $20 bucks for the ride which I thought was a little steep for just a few miles and our driver was talking on two different cell phones during the entire ride. On the way back to the airport we tried Uber (who knew Uber was in Wisconsin Dells!?) and it was only $11.85. We’ll remember that next time we fly in =) Driver was professional and polite. Uber Rocks. The next time we fly in we’ll also catch the adventure big sister of MagiQuest, Wizard Quest. I’m geeking out already…uberIMG_8742

We also decided to capture some video of this trip… so without further ado. Our first travel Vlog.

A great ‘lil afternoon in Wisconsin Dells was had by all…


And EJ finally even got a nap in.

And we caught a beautiful sunset…

So great to share these memories with you!

We would be ever so grateful if you would comment below with some feedback on this post. Would you like to see more of something and less of something else? Should we include more Ed technical run-throughs, do you like the timelapses, would you like to see more of the glass cockpit functionality? Should we just leave the camera on EJ being cute =P Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Flight Report: Wisconsin Dells Fly In

  • July 8, 2016 at 6:53 PM

    Enjoyed the first vlog. We actually had our honeymoon in the Wisconsin Dells back in 2007, but no flying that time. On the list, though.

  • July 9, 2016 at 9:04 AM

    Looks like a fun day! What a great opportunity!
    Yeah, Uber does rock! Glad they are around.
    Enjoy this weekend!

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